Entry #1

Pomp Yin

2014-10-26 16:34:02 by PompYin

Pomp Yin is James Cunliffe's new electronic music production project. 

Genres: Ambient, Chill, Downtempo, Electronic & House 

If you like the music or feel like you could help me develop as a producer do get in contact, I enjoy talking about this stuff and want to make better music.

If you want to support me you can follow my Facebook page, I try to keep it as a decent resource for producers by posting out samples and tutorials ect.

Let's Entertain!

The World Celebration Album is now up on Youtube:






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2015-03-18 18:42:02

This song is Really good. You killed it with the synth, it does give you a nice "bounce" feel. I only wish the beat got a little more technical to give it some more taste. 10/10

PompYin responds:

Cheers for the feedback Zippe6,

I'll be the first to admit my drum production's the weakest part of my music, I think It's mostly down to a lack of patience when it comes to choosing the right samples.

Trying to counter this by figuring out Natives Maschine, also watching a ton of drum mixing tutorials, all good fun though, It'll only improve with time.

Thanks again!


2015-04-04 10:42:08

even though ur genres are not really the best in my opinion i have to admit that song is bloody sick man
it gives me a amazing feeling as well !!!!

PompYin responds:

Cheers for the feedback Optimize,

I'm glad you like it and the positivity goes a long way for me, I've spent a long time on this project so it means a lot that the first comment back is a good one.

Thanks again.